Viewpoint: New approaches needed to address workforce challenges

This month’s blog is a reprint of an op-ed that ran in the Boston Business Journal in August addressing the challenges an ageing workforce poses for employers. It is written by Operation A.B.L.E.’s Board Chair, and Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer at Tufts Health Plan, Lydia Greene. Ageism—or prejudice against our future…

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The Age-Friendly Advantage

Last week I read an article from the Los Angeles Times that described how some employers are listing “digital native” as a requirement for employment.  Quoting from the Times, “The term, many say, is a ‘code word’ for young workers who have grown up with technology and will be able to use new systems with…

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Ageism: At What Age is Too Old?

So When is Old… Too Old? And When is it Considered Ageism? At Operation A.B.L.E. we specialize in helping people 45 and older find work by providing training, developing interviewing and networking skills and assisting with job placement. After 22 years working at ABLE, it is clear to me that ageism too often plays a…

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