Success Stories

The Boston Globe, Letter to the Editor: Job Training

BOSTON, The Boston Globe – We were very pleased to be featured in “Career Changing? Look for Helping Hands” (April 24), and proud of the accomplishments of Paul Benford-Bruce, one of our many trainees/graduates. Even as we applaud the new paths found by the others also profiled, we want to emphasize that training and finding…

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The Boston Globe: Boston Career Changers Can Find Plenty of Helping Hands

Massachusetts offers many programs for the under- and unemployed, to get them working and sometimes even running their own business. – CAREER CHANGE HAPPENS more than ever these days: Malden’s Paul Benford-Bruce, nearing retirement age, decided to try a new profession instead. Russian emigre Olga Mulugeta found opportunities in health services. Josue Jerez wanted…

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