Operation ABLE offers Job Coaching and Counseling

Sometimes a job seeker just needs time with a good coach to review, develop, and get focused on a job search strategy. Are you 45+ and feeling a bit stuck on what your next job search action should be? We may have just what you need to kick start your next move.

Schedule some time with an ABLE Career Coach

Whether you're employed, unemployed or underemployed, Job Coaches at Operation ABLE help the mature professional prepare for and overcome Age-Bias barriers in the workplace.

If you are: Skilled, educated and an experienced individual ready to focus your job search or need guidance for your next career move.

And you want to learn about: The latest trends and proven tactics used by successful job seekers.

Contact Stephanie Legatos - Career & Job Search Coach x122 at slegatos@operationable.net.

We're working on workshop topics so stay tuned and check back.