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Sometimes a job seeker just needs time with a good coach to review, develop, and get focused on a job search strategy. Are you 45+ and feeling a bit stuck on what your next job search action should be? We may have just what you need to kick start your next move.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

In spite of the exponential growth of online applications, cover letters remain a vital part of your job search documents. These letters demonstrate your writing skills, and your ability to build a clear and compelling bridge between your skills and the core requirements of the job. Review nationally-recognized guidelines and cover letter samples as you evaluate and begin to edit one of your own cover letters. Note: Please bring a cover letter and/or a job posting with you to work on.

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Whether you're employed, unemployed or underemployed, Job Coaches at Operation A.B.L.E. help the mature professional prepare for and overcome Age-Bias barriers in the workplace.

If you are: Skilled, educated and an experienced individual ready to focus your job search or need guidance for your next career move.

And you want to learn about: The latest trends and proven tactics used by successful job seekers.

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