Help us provide the Technology needed for remote Skills-Training

Your support is essential to ensure that our program participants have the computer equipment and internet access needed to successfully complete their job-readiness skills training remotely.

Together we can satisfy fully remote computer stations for up to 40 determined skills training Job Seekers.

There's an Urgent Need to Ensure Remote Access to

Online Skills-Training for All Job Seekers

Up until mid-March, ABLE's skills training class participants made their way to ABLE's classrooms for on-site, in-class learning.  There, ABLE provided the computer technology, internet access and face-to-face, instructor-led engagement that would be expected in a 'boots on the ground' classroom environment. But not unlike so many, on March 17, 2020, that all changed.

In short order, Operation ABLE quickly and effectively transitioned into a fully remote skills-training model. But found that no matter how efficient and productive this model was, if our student participants did not have the adequate technology required to access these remote classes, their success was significantly hampered.

THE ANSWER… Mobilize ABLE’s staff and partner network to locate, refurbish and program ‘previously owned’ and newly acquired computer equipment and peripherals. THE NEED IS GREAT! WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Meter courtesy of ABC Fundraising

$20,000 GOAL