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How to work a room: No-fail networking tips

April 2019 -

Feel a bit of dread at networking events? These tips and mental tricks will help you work a room like a pro

For many people, any networking event – from conferences to casual meet-ups – can trigger nerves or feelings of discomfort. The stakes can feel even higher for job seekers who hope to make the right connections that lead to new career opportunities. For introverts, such events may seem downright unappetizing, until you learn how to work your strengths.

The Enterprisers Project has put together an action plan of tips for before, during, and after events that will empower you to work the room like a pro. Let’s dig in.

Learn the Pre, During and Post-Networking Event tips here.

The Ultimate Interview Guide: 30 Prep Tips for Job Interview Success

Preparing for an interview takes a lot more than Googling a list of common interview questions.

You have to make a great first impression appearance-wise (no wrinkly suits here!), have a great knowledge of your target company and its product, and, of course, know exactly how to convey that you're the perfect fit for the job.

So to help you get prepared, The Muse compiled a list of our all-time best pre-interview tips. From strategizing about how to tackle the toughest questions to packing your briefcase, we've got you covered—with 30 ways to make sure you bring your A-game.

All 30 Prep Tips found here.

15 Non-Cheesy Mantras That Will Immediately Boost Your Confidence

October 2018 -

When the obnoxious voice in your head starts putting you down, try some of these sayings for instant positivity

You’re going through your day-to-day, keeping up with work, maintaining your relationships and doing your absolute best. Enter the “obnoxious roommate” living in your head, who shows up to put you down and tell you that you’re not good enough. In moments like these, quieting that pesky voice can be tricky — and for most of us, positive self-talk doesn’t come easy. That’s why we asked the Thrive Global community what phrases help boost their mood and confidence when the negative thoughts come flooding in. These were some of our favorite suggestions, which range from funny to poignant — and are all inspiring! Which of these will you try telling yourself the next time your obnoxious roommate shows up?

Read the 15 Mantras here.

Churchill Wasn’t ‘Over the Hill’ in 1940

March 2018 - Wall Street Journal
Op-ed by USC Leonard Davis School Distinguished Scholar in Residence Paul Irving

The Wall Street Journal published an op-ed by USC Leonard Davis School Distinguished Scholar in Residence Paul Irving on why Winston Churchill stands as an example against employers’ ageist assumptions about people being “over the hill.” “One fact often missed is that Churchill was 65 when his defining moment arrived. It came only because voters believe in second acts,” Irving wrote. (

Churchill's examples should prompt us to question ageist assumptions.


Gary Oldman's Oscar-nominated portrayal of Winston Churchill in "Darkest Hour" has kindled a re-examination of the British prime minister's leadership during the early days of World War II. One fact often missed is that Churchill was 65 when his defining moment arrived. It came only because voters believe in second acts... Too often, employees do not.

Read the entire op-ed here.

Original content found here.

No Boom Time for Boomers

January 2018 - Boston Business Journal

Older unemployed workers have not benefited as much as younger workers from the strong economy. And retraining programs are struggling to help the problem.

State employment numbers that older unemployed workers have not benefited as much as younger workers from the strong economy. And retraining programs are struggling to help the problem.

The number of unemployed Massachusetts residents aged 25 to 34 has fallen by almost 40% over the past two years. Meanwhile, the number of unemployed people aged 55 to 64 has remained nearly constant, while the number of unemployed over 65 years old has increased more that 50%. (The figures count as unemployed only those actively looking for a job, excluding those who choose to retire).

No Boom Time for Boomers

Age Discrimination Goes Online

December 2017 - AARP Bulletin

50 years after the landmark legislation to protect older workers, bias is on the rise

Recent studies show age discrimination still exists in hiring and in the workplace, and fighting against it can be an expensive longshot.

Age discrimination is alive and well in the digital age, despite 50 years of laws intended to protect older Americans’ right to work. In fact, it’s thriving, with 20,857 such complaints filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in 2016 alone.

As more jobs are advertised and applied for online, evidence is mounting that it is easier to discriminate against older workers. Read the rest of the bulletin here.

7 Ways Employers Can Support Older Workers And Job Seekers

November 2017 -

Gray is the New Green

With the unemployment rate (4.1%) at its lowest since 2000, employers are struggling to retain their best workers and attract qualified new ones. Although their efforts are often directed at Millennials, in places where people in their 20s and 30s are increasingly hard to find, employers are equally focused on people in their 50s and 60s.

For example, in May, more than 170 New England employers, policymakers and business leaders came together for an event notably titled, Gray is the New Green: Unleashing the Power of Older Workers and Volunteers to Build a Stronger Northern New England. Read the entire article here.

Tips for Senior Job Hunters in 2017

February 2017 - Boston Seniority, Commission on Affairs of the Elderly | The City of Boston | Article contributor: Joan Cirillo

This is a new year, bringing new hopes and new possibilities.

We at Operation ABLE, the only organization in Massachusetts whose entire mission is to help job seekers 45 and older get back to work, wish you the best of luck in 2017 in your search. We also want you to know that job hunting requirements are rapidly changing, so here are some tips.

Acquire the current skills necessary to be competitive in the marketplace.

Be sure to update your computer knowledge and make yourself as familiar as possible with Social Media, particularly LinkedIn, which is a must in 2017. There are many other techniques you should be aware of, including applying on-line and sending resumes as attachments within your email text. Read the entire article here. Start at page 18.

How Older Workers Could Help Save America From Workforce Peril

February 2017 - Bloomberg

Something strange happened in the U.S. labor market last year. Even as the population grew older, the participation rate -- the measure of all adults who are working or looking for work -- stabilized, bucking its downward trend and surprising some economists. It turns out, you can thank people like Philip Lenowitz. Read more on how Older Workers are making a difference.

Get Hired Without a Cover Letter using this 10 Resume Tips

February 2017 - FWN Financial Watch

Your resume must be smart, creative and straightforward, but don’t complicate things for your recruiter. Watch out for your grammar and use words that are easy to comprehend. Your resume will create the first written impression the recruiter will have of you. So, show the recruiter exactly why you need to be hired. Job seekers with lots of experience are often tempted to tell every story about their past jobs in their resume, but this is bad and not advisable. Your resume is not an article, it is a document that should talk about you and your experience in the shortest possible way – share the details during the interview. More resume tips here.

Senior News Line: Better with age

January 2017 - Seminole Voice

If you haven't retired and you work for a company that is trying to ease you out due to age, a recent study might change some minds. The brief from the Center for Retirement Research describes how and why older workers stay productive, and compares accumulated information and experience with the ability to process new information. That accumulated information (called "crystallized intelligence") won out in many cases over new information gathering, called "fluid intelligence." While fluid intelligence tends to peak in younger years, crystallized intelligence can make for smarter, wiser older workers. Learn more about crystallized intelligence here.

Not Ready for Retirement? 5 Job Search Tips for Boomers

December 2016 - Money & Career Cheat Sheet

To land a coveted job offer, older job searchers need to be savvy. The goal is to leverage your years of experience while also showing you’re in touch with current workplace trends. You may also need to open yourself up to new opportunities in different fields or look beyond traditional full-time jobs to more flexible employment opportunities. If you’re a boomer looking for your next job, keep these tips in mind. Click here for these 5 boomer job search tips.

Cognitive Aging and Ability to Work

November 2016 - Trustees of Boston College, Center for Retirement Research

Cognitive aging could hinder productivity by reducing the brain’s processing ability (“fluid” intelligence). But research shows that productivity generally does not decline with age. Key reasons are that declining fluid intelligence is often offset by accumulated knowledge, and reserve fluid capacity can act as a buffer against decline.

Only a minority of workers are vulnerable: those in jobs that require very high levels of fluid intelligence and those who experience cognitive impairment. Click here and download the brief.

Think older workers struggle with technology? Think again

August, 2016 -

Don't let the millennial buzz fool you. Older workers handle and adapt to new systems better than younger people. Conventional thinking assumes that older workers have trouble adapting to new technologies. That notion is nothing more than a stereotype, but it’s a harmful one that could make life difficult for IT professionals over the age of 50 who are searching for new jobs. And now the results of a new survey suggest that the stereotype might not be accurate after all. Click here to read more on Older Workers and Technology.

6 Things Recruiters Look For in Your LinkedIn Profile

July, 2016 - Yahoo LIfestyle via Time

The saying, as it goes, is that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Most people in the job market barely even get a first chance.

According to an eye-tracking study by The Ladders, recruiters spend six seconds on average looking at a resume. LinkedIn profiles get even less time. According to Heather Whaley, a principal with Hunt Executive Search, these six things stand out when scanning through profiles to fill positions. Click here to find the '6 Things'.

6 Tips on How to Improve Your Résumé

June, 2016 - Source:

Q: I recently was told by a hiring manager that my résumé needs to be improved. What does that mean? Why would someone say that? I was given no specific comments.

A: I don’t know what your résumé looks like, but let me share some tips that address common résumé problems.

  1. Different fonts and inconsistent spacing make résumés look sloppy. A résumé with a consistent and legible font is easier to read. Spacing should also be easy to follow. Read all 6 tips here.

The Art of Introducing Yourself

June, 2016 - Source:

Q: I have one year of professional experience. I graduated from a good college in 2015. I was recently given really harsh feedback from a recruiter. The recruiter told me I didn’t advance in the selection process with a local company because I didn’t stand, introduce myself, and shake the hiring manager’s hand when she entered the reception area. Isn’t that a bit harsh? To be excluded because of that? It took so many steps to even land this interview. Find the ANSWER here.

The New Golden Years? Work, work, and more work

May, 2016 - Source:

A record number of Americans over the age of 65 are working, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A decade ago, about 5 million senior citizens continued to work, a number that had swelled to more than 9 million last month. In 1994, slightly more than 1 out of 10 senior citizens was still working. Now, about one out of five Americans over the age of 65 remains employed. Continue reading, click here.

Working Longer: The Disappearing Divide between Work Life and Retirement

May, 2016 - Source: Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research Study

A majority of Americans age 50 and older plan to work past the age of 65 or have already stayed in the workforce past this age. A quarter of those who haven’t yet retired say they never will. And many of these older workers continue to pursue new opportunities in the later stages of their careers, with 4 in 10 planning to switch career fields in the future and more than a quarter recently completing job training or additional education. Continue reading, click here.

Boston Career Changers Can Find Plenty of Helping Hands

Apr, 2016 – Source:

Massachusetts offers many programs for the under- and unemployed, to get them working and sometimes even running their own business. Benford-Bruce, who is in his 60s, enrolled in the Skills2Work program, which focuses on customer service and computer skills. After he finished, Operation ABLE helped him get a job as an administrative assistant in a laboratory at Boston Children’s Hospital. Continue reading, click here.

Looking for Retirement Jobs? 4 Things to Consider

Apr, 2016 – Source:

Don't forget to check the Social Security impact. Over the coming decade, the fastest-growing age group of workers is expected to be those 65 and older. Here are a few things to keep in mind. Continue reading, click here.

Common Social Media Mistakes that Candidates Make

Apr, 2016 – Source:

You should EXPECT a future employer to do their research on you by looking at your profile on all social sites. These are sometimes done pre-first interview and certainly done pre-offer. Here's Why? Continue reading, click here.

The Benefits of Diverse Ages in the Wokplace

Mar, 2016 – Source:

Workforces are becoming increasingly diverse in age demographics. These tips help you to thrive in an intergenerational workplace. Continue reading, click here.

How to Look for a Job Late in Your Career

Mar, 2016 – Source:

Strategies for how you approach the job hunt later in your career are markedly different than the job hunt as a new industry entrant. Continue reading, click here.

Business Protocol: Older Workers Can Compete With Younger

Mar, 2016 – Source:

SEASONED: Older workers can add a lot to a company because of their life knowledge and job experiences, but they must project a positive attitude, take care with their appearance and be sure to be up on, and open to, the latest technologies. Continue reading, click here.

Handling Difficult Issues That May Arise After Your Background Check

Feb, 2016 – Source:

You're a go-getter with a skill set a mile long. You're ready to take the next step in your career and you begin job hunting. After applying and interviewing for a position you thought you were a shoe-in for, you get a call back that there were some issues with your background check. Oh No. Now what? Continue reading, click here.

5 Job Hunting Tips for the Over-50 Job Seeker

Feb, 2016 – Source:

Being out of work is stressful for anyone, but when you’re a mature worker – 50s, 60s or older – finding another job can be daunting. Don’t be overwhelmed. While it may seem that employers only want young workers with long careers ahead of them, don’t hesitate to emphasize what you bring to the party. Continue reading, click here.

Governor Unveils $5m for Job Training Programs

Jan, 2016 – Source:

Governor Charlie Baker on Monday announced $5 million in job training initiatives for people who face chronically high levels of unemployment, the latest effort by the administration to help lower skilled workers struggling to find good jobs, despite the strong Massachusetts economy. Continue reading, click here.

Three Pieces of Job Interview Advice You Should Ignore

Jan, 2016 - Source:

How much to boast, how much to fake, and when to shut up. The interview is arguably the oldest and most persistent institution in the job search process. Even as other customs and admonitions—wear business attire, send a handwritten thank-you note afterward—fall by the wayside, the interview itself shows few signs of disappearing. Continue reading, click here.

What Your Resume Should Look Like in 2016

Jan 2016 Source:

 Job seekers, give yourself an edge with some modern touches.  “In today’s job market, your resume needs to immediately stand out,” says Dawn Bugni, a professional resume writer in Wilmington, N.C. Attention spans are at an all-time short, with hiring managers spending just six seconds looking at a resume before deciding whether the applicant is worth further consideration, a recent study by TheLadders found.  Continue reading, click here.

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