Computer Skills Training For all Eligible Employees

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Computer Skills Training

Regional Training Capacity Pilot Program
Funded by grant to Operation A.B.L.E. from the Workforce Training Fund Program

Operation A.B.L.E. is now offering eligible Massachusetts companies with a wide range of computer courses designed to improve the skills of their employees.

These courses described below are offered to employers.

Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook)

All employers are interested in ensuring that their employees, especially those responsible for administrative support, are skilled in Microsoft Office applications. Employers have also stated that having the ability to pick the course and level provides them with the ability to best meet the training needs of their workers. Offerings include the following:

  • MS Word - 3 Levels
  • MS Excel - 4 Levels
  • MS Access - 2 Levels
  • MS PowerPoint - 2 Levels
  • MS Outlook - 2 Levels

Computer Screen Navigation

Providing timely, complete, and correct information to customers is the main priority for employers when they hire customer service agents and account service representatives. A dissatisfied or frustrated customer is a loss of revenue. Companies value those customer service agents who can quickly move through multiple screens when answering customer inquiries.

QuickBooks – (2 Levels)

A growing number of companies are transitioning to QuickBooks. It is becoming increasingly important for employees who are working in payroll, bookkeeping, and accounting to have the ability to work with this application.

Overcoming Obsolete Microsoft Programming

There are still a number of companies who need to make the transition to the latest versions of Windows and MS Office. This short course provides employees with the tools to most efficiently work with the new upgrades. This is done, primarily, by comparing steps in the older version with those of the new version.

Computer Maintenance and Security – (2 Levels)

A number of companies, especially non-profits do not have the funds to engage full-time IT support. In these cases, all employees need to have an understanding of the basics of computer maintenance and troubleshooting and to be informed and able to deal with the threat of viruses, spam, malware, Internet scams, and other security issues..

Internet Basics

Many companies, especially non-profits are in the business of providing their clients with the information, referrals, and community resources that are the most up-to-date, relevant, and accessible. It is important that front-line workers are able to effectively utilize the Internet to quickly and efficiently access the resources that best meet the needs of their clients..

Computer Essentials

We are now at the point where all workers, even those in entry-level positions, must have a basic understanding of the computer and be able to use it to perform the duties of their jobs. Home Healthcare Aides, food service workers, and security personnel are some of the employees now using computers and hand-held devices when performing the responsibilities of their jobs.

Medical Practice Management Software

Software systems to handle the multiple activities of the typical medical office are being used in a growing number of practices, clinics and healthcare settings. This course provides students with introduction and practice in MOSS (Medical Office Simulation Software) and covers its applications in a number of procedures including scheduling, patient registration, referrals, procedure posting, billing and handling third-party payments.