ABLE Beginnings

Basic Computer Skills Training, including Microsoft Word & Excel


6-Week Program

Held Monday – Friday

from 9 AM-3 PM

What You'll Learn

MICROSOFT Word & Excel, INTERNET & EMAIL navigation, ELECTRONIC FILE management, APPLY for jobs online , TOUCH TYPING with daily practice.

Other Skills Taught

Practice for interviews and How to use ZOOM video conference platform.

These skills enable ABLE Beginnings participants to take charge of their job search, increase employability, and help establish financial independence for themselves and their families. Downloadable flyer found here.

For SNAP Recipients

SNAP recipients are eligible to participate in TRAINING and JOB READINESS programs, FREE of CHARGE! Eligibility questions? Click here to meet Operation ABLE's SNAP Outreach Team.

To learn more about ABLE BEGINNINGS contact:

Wayne Jones, ABLE BEGINNINGS Program Manager, by email at, or by phone at 774-240-8411. To learn more about Operation ABLE and its other programs, please visit

Beginnings... from the Start

ABLE BEGINNINGS Program Manager Wayne Jones has led the program since its inception in 2011. With a long and varied employment background that includes time at IBM, the U.S. Military as a leadership skills training instructor, and as a co-chair of the Boston Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club, Wayne developed an affinity and expertise in teaching and delivering training to people from many walks of life.

When the program was conceived in 2011 it was to provide basic computer skills training to veterans or older employees who had either been downsized or retired after 30 + years of employment,” said Wayne. “At that point, many of them realized that to re-enter the job force they needed to update their proficiency and use of basic Microsoft tools such as MS Word and Excel."

Not sure if ABLE Beginnings is for you? View our on-demand INFO SESSION to learn about ABLE's other training programs.