ABLE Beginnings

Basic Computer Skills Training, including Microsoft Word & Excel


6-Week Program

Held Monday – Friday

from 9 AM-3 PM

What You'll Learn

MICROSOFT Word & Excel, INTERNET & EMAIL navigation, ELECTRONIC FILE management, APPLY for jobs online , TOUCH TYPING with daily practice.

Other Skills Taught

Practice for interviews and How to use ZOOM video conference platform.

These skills enable ABLE Beginnings participants to take charge of their job search, increase employability, and help establish financial independence for themselves and their families. Downloadable flyer found here.

For SNAP Recipients

SNAP recipients are eligible to participate in TRAINING and JOB READINESS programs, FREE of CHARGE! Eligibility questions? Click here to meet Operation ABLE's SNAP Outreach Team.

To learn more about ABLE BEGINNINGS contact:

Wayne Jones, ABLE BEGINNINGS Program Manager, by email at, or by phone at 774-240-8411. To learn more about Operation ABLE its other programs, please visit

Beginnings... from the Start

ABLE BEGINNINGS Program Manager Wayne Jones has led the program since its inception in 2011. With a long and varied employment background that includes time at IBM, the U.S. Military as a leadership skills training instructor, and as a co-chair of the Boston Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club, Wayne developed an affinity and expertise in teaching and delivering training to people from many walks of life.

When the program was conceived in 2011 it was to provide basic computer skills training to veterans or older employees who had either been downsized or retired after 30 + years of employment,” said Wayne. “At that point, many of them realized that to re-enter the job force they needed to update their proficiency and use of basic Microsoft tools such as MS Word and Excel,” he adds. “Today we’re reaching out to a whole new generation of job seekers who may initially be seeking to join Operation ABLE’s Medical Office Training program or Microsoft Office Training program (Skills 2 Work), but don’t yet have the basics needed to take those more advanced courses.” In fact, one of Wayne’s success criteria for his students upon receiving their ABLE BEGINNINGS certificate is to continue their training with Operation ABLE. The second? Learning they had found a new job.

“ABLE BEGINNINGS provides a great entry point for those who need a refresher or with little or no computer skills” said ABLE BEGINNINGS Training Assistant, Rosemarie Doe, who attended ABLE BEGINNINGS in December of 2019 to brush up on her skills. “The program provides adult learners with basic computer and job search skills, on the one hand closing the digital gap, on the other hand opening the door to opportunity,” Rosemarie adds.

“Students gain competence and confidence through positive learning experiences and repetition, building the foundational skills they need to apply for online jobs and qualify for Operation ABLE’s other training programs.”

Hyacinth Sankey teaches the job search component of ABLE BEGINNINGS, focusing on Resume and Cover Letter writing and basic PowerPoint Presentation skills, all critical skills jobseekers need to compete in today’s market. After migrating from Jamaica, Hyacinth enrolled in an ABLE BEGINNINGS class in 2015. An Elementary School teacher with over 40 years of experience, she’s also a Guidance Counselor/Social Worker and worked with the Ministry of Education in Jamaica. In fact, before migrating from Jamaica, she was also the co-owner and first principal of a small preparatory school there.

“ABLE BEGINNINGS is such an important offering during this pandemic because now, more than ever, so many people, from so many walks of life, have been marginalized and are faced with the prospect of finding a job. If these individuals aren’t equipped with the required skills, they’re certain to be left behind,” said Hyacinth. “We want our students to leave with the skills and confidence necessary for obtaining a job. We want them to know they have a role to play in society, and assurances that they are respected and are deserving of a better quality of life.”

Our best wishes for your health and safety as we all navigate through this challenge together.

To learn more about ABLE BEGINNINGS contact:

Wayne Jones, ABLE BEGINNINGS Program Manager, by email at, or by phone at 774-240-8411. To learn more about Operation ABLE its other programs, please visit

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