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Serving Job Seekers, the  Underemployed, those in Career Transition and Military Veterans

ENROLLMENT IS OPEN for UPCOMING CLASS STARTS. All programs and services are being conducted remotely, including distance learning, coaching, and wrap-around services. Upcoming classes will commence remotely. Contact the respective Program Manager with any questions, or watch our on-demand INFO SESSION video found below.

ABLE Beginnings

Learn basic computer and job search skills.

Next Class Starts 8/09/2021

This 6-week program, instructor-led is for those who want to learn basic computer and job search skills, take charge of their job search, and increase employability.


  • Microsoft Word & Excel
  • Internet & Email navigation
  • Electronic file management
  • Apply for jobs online
  • Touch typing with daily practice
  • How to use ZOOM video conference platform

TAKE CONTROL of your computer skills and job search with this instructor-led training program conducted via video conferencing in a virtual classroom environment.

For more information, watch our on-demand INFO SESSION video found here.

The class meets Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. ABLE Beginnings offers training in how to use MS Word and Excel, Data Entry, Internet Navigation, Introduction to Social Media, and Keyboarding. Those in the class will be taught how to apply on-line for jobs, type resumes and cover letters, and to prepare for interviews.

For more information contact Patty Ball, Program Manager for ABLE Beginnings,

Most SNAP Recipients Attend FREE.

Computer Skills & Job Search Refresher Training

This skills and training program is available free to Boston Neighborhood residents and most SNAP recipients who already have working knowledge of technology but may need or want to brush up on their existing skills. Participants should call to schedule an appointment and discuss their needs to be able to receive the appropriate available services. There is no set time commitment. The Resource Center offers a mix of computer skills training including Essential Microsoft Office workshops, assistance with optimizing resumes and cover letters for online applications and help with job searching including the usage of social media tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.   For more information contact Patty Ball - Program Manager, Computer Skills & Job Search Training Program Manager

Medical and Healthcare Office Training Program - PATH 1

Boston residents may be eligible for Free Medical Office Training, and subsequent job placement services.

This 12-Week Training Program is followed by a 6-Week Internship** to further advance the newly acquired skills.

Mid-Cycle Class Starts 9/07/2021

Download the current flyer here.

Classes will commence remotely until further notice. Contact Marilyn Piket at with any questions, or watch our on-demand INFO SESSION video found here.
This medical office and workplace engagement skills training program is instructor-led, and offers training in MS Word, Excel and Outlook 2016, medical terminology, and regulatory information affecting the health care industry.

** * WHEN AVAILABLE. Due to the pandemic, the availability of internships is limited.

'Donnelly' Medical Office Training Program - PATH 2

And introducing an 8-week-condensed, intensive version of the Medical Office Training program.

Current Class Underway

Class will commence remotely using video conference technology. Contact Marilyn Piket at with any questions, or watch our on-demand INFO SESSION video found here.

In addition, there will be training in medical office procedures and administration, as well as in customer engagement and communication skills. This program prepares participants for jobs in medical office registration/administration, such as Patient Service Coordinator, Patient Access Representative, and Medical Office Administrator. Students in this program are assigned to a six-week internship**. Ongoing job search assistance is also provided, weekly.

QUESTIONS? Contact Marilyn Piket.

*This 8 week program is funded by a grant awarded by the State's Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund, in memory of the late Senator Kenneth Donnelly.

** * WHEN AVAILABLE. Due to the pandemic, the availability of internships is limited.

Job Seekers 55 and Up: Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)

This program is for unemployed job seekers 55 and up who are committed to finding a job. Coverage areas include, in Massachusetts: Essex, Middlesex, Suffolk, Norfolk, and Worcester Counties and most of New Hampshire.  Participants must meet Federal low-income guidelines. They will be paid training in their own community for up to 20 hours a week, get help searching for a job, and gain new work experience which can lead to unsubsidized employment.

Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)

Job seekers are assigned to government agencies or non-profits, and intensive job search assistance and training is available. The goal is to find unsubsidized employment within a year. This is a terrific opportunity for older job seekers who have been out of work for long periods of time and need current work experience.

For more information, view our on-demand Information Session, found here or contact Tarnya Jones-Jenkins 617.542.4180 x123


Click here to view, print, or download program flyer.

The Senior Community Service Employment Program is a U.S. Department of Labor equal opportunity employer/program administered by Operation ABLE and the Executive Office of Elder Affairs.

* The Operation ABLE Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is funded with $4,962,037million through the Department of Labor (DOL). This funding provides 90% of the support for Operation ABLE’s SCSEP program. The remaining 10%, $551,337 thousand is funded by Operation ABLE and community match through non-federal monies. Operation ABLE’s SCSEP program operates in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.


Intermediate & Advanced Microsoft Office skills training - in a 'virtual' classroom environment.

Present Class Underway

Class will commence remotely using video conference technology. Contact Marilyn Piket at with any questions, or watch our on-demand INFO SESSION video found here.

This 12-week office and customer service training program is instructor led, with classes in MS 2016 Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook.

Skills2Work skills training

It also focuses on workplace engagement and honing communication skills. Participants prepare for jobs such as receptionist, call center representative, and administrative assistant, to name just a few. Skills2Work students are assigned to a six week internship** at a host agency. On-going job search assistance is provided weekly. For more information contact Marilyn Piket at

** * WHEN AVAILABLE. Due to the pandemic, the availability of internships is limited.


Coaching and Counseling

Sometimes a job seeker just needs time with a good coach to review, develop, and get focused on a job search strategy. If you are 45+, we can help you increase your success in your job search.

Need your resume reviewed? Cover letter help? Interviewing practice? A networking plan to build your confidence and skills? Coaching and counseling is available.  

Contact Stephanie Legatos by email to schedule an appointment, or click here to learn more.

Job Opportunities

Our ABLE-Friendly Employers webpage, found in the For Job Seekers section includes a link to each employers' official career opportunity page.  Check them frequently because employers are constantly posting new positions.  Click here to view the list of ABLE-Friendly Employers.

Job Seeker Events

We see ourselves as the conduit between job seekers 45+ and employers, and so we host events throughout the year to bring employers and job seekers together.

Some event examples include: Job Fairs, ABLE Showcases, Networking Events, Job Search Workshops, Industry Panels, and Starting Your Own Business. Visit to see the latest events scheduled.

Professional Networking
Professional Networking Groups and Job Clubs are an important part of any job search.  They provide a venue for an important exchange of information, make the job seeker accountable to the group for keeping up his/her job search and offer some important structure to the job search work week. One of our staff members can help you navigate through these events with some tips... Just ask.

SNAP Path to Employment

Do you qualify for SNAP?

SNAP Path to Work is the Department of Transitional Assistance's voluntary Employment and Training (E&T) program. SNAP Path to Work provides SNAP-only clients with supports to find and keep good paying jobs.
Don't yet have the skills you need to land the job you want? Don’t give up, we may be ABLE to help.

Employment and training assistance services are available to support you. You just need the right resources.  This SNAP Path to Work can help.

SNAP Path to Work is a joint federal- and state-funded program administered by DTA.

Take the first step towards self-sufficiency and learn about our services today! Learn how to enroll in SNAP, or for more information about the SNAP Path to Work Program, contact ABLE's SNAP Outreach Coordinator, Claudine Guerrier at 617-542-4180 X 135 or Hyacinth Sankey, SNAP Enrollment & Training Specialist at (617) 542-4140, Ext 142.