Greetings from Operation ABLE’s CEO

Greetings from Operation ABLE's CEO... From the desk of Marian Walsh, President & CEO

From the desk of Marian Walsh, President & CEO


Welcome to the Inaugural issue of Operation ABLE’s new newsletter.  I hope this communication finds you and all your loved ones in good health.

I wanted to communicate to all of our supporters that Operation ABLE has remained open, responsive, and is hard at work!  At the very beginning of the pandemic, our team transformed itself — virtually overnight — to ensure employment services for our distance and remote job seekers were uninterrupted.  They’ve provided online training, 1:1 follow-up sessions, and any wrap-around services needed to help participants stay on track.

Our close working relationship with job seekers in the communities we serve has highlighted the fact that Operation ABLE’s job training programs and support services are needed now more than ever. Our work helping people to improve their computer skills, draft resumes, prepare for job interviews, write cover letters, and become acquainted with crucial job-related strategies is critical to enabling them to get back on their feet in this time of dire economic disruption, from employers – for our incumbent worker training – to job seekers, for our job specialist and placement services.

I extend to you my prayers and every good wish for your continued safety, especially during this difficult time.

Respectfully and Gratefully,

Marian Walsh, President and CEO, Operation ABLE

Marian Walsh, President and CEO