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Marian Walsh - President & Chief Executive Officer, 617-542-4180 x129

Marian Walsh

Operation ABLE is proud and honored to welcome Marian Walsh to the organization as President and CEO. Marian has had great experience as a Massachusetts State Senator and Representative, Public Affairs Consultant and Leadership Coach. She served as the Chief Administrative Officer in the Suffolk County Attorney’s Office. Marian is the author of “Run: Your Personal Guide to Winning Public Office”, an award winning nonpartisan book.

Marian strongly believes that a committed intention, thoughtful strategy and effective collaborative partnerships will lead to both short and long term successes in Workforce Development.

Julie A. Fazio - Executive Assistant to the President and CEO Operation ABLE


Julie is the Executive Assistant to the CEO at Operation ABLE. She joined Operation ABLE in March 2019. She brings over 20 years of experience supporting C-Level executives. Prior to joining Operation ABLE, she worked at Associated Industries of Massachusetts where she was the Assistant to the CEO.

Mark Gyurina - Chief Program Officer

617-542-4180 x128

Mark joined the staff as Chief Program Officer in 2008. He manages the employment and training programs and is responsible for new program development, developing partnerships and collaborations, and writing grant proposals.

OA_Mark Gyurina

Richard Ludwig - Chief Financial Officer

617-542-4180 x127

Rick joined Operation ABLE as Chief Financial Officer in 2014. He has extensive experience in strategic planning, financial reporting, budgeting, financial forecasting, project management and process improvement in the management of large and small enterprises. He served as Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of the Chicago 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games bid.

OA_Rick Ludwig


Patty Ball

Program Manager,
ABLE Job Resource Center
617-542-4180 x136

Shirley FIckett

Program Manager, Skills2Work,
Medical Office Training
617-542-4180 x133

Wayne Jones

Program Manager,
ABLE Beginnings

617-542-4180 x125


Esmael Abdulkerim - IT Systems Engineer 617-542-4180 x140

Barbara Chervin - Senior Training Specialist, Skills2Work & Medical Office Training 617-542-4180

Robert Timothy Crews - IT Tech Assistant

A staff with HEART!

Operation ABLE Staff
Operation ABLE Staff
Operation ABLE Staff
Operation ABLE Staff

Stephen Currier - Job Developer, Skills2Work & Medical Office Training, 617-542-4180 x137

Myriam Forero - Finance Manager, 617-542-4180 x126

Claudine Guerrier - SNAP Outreach Coordinator, 617-542-4180 x135

Donny Hampton - Office Assistant, 617-542-4180

William (Bill) Nadler - Sr. Training Specialist, Corporate Workforce Onsite & Offsite, 617-542-4180 x142

Bill is the Senior Training Specialist and Office Technology Administrator. Bill teaches Microsoft Office computer skills to students in many in-house training programs as well as performing corporate training for incumbent workers at various locations throughout the greater Boston area.

Bill Nadler

Marilyn Piket - Program Assistant & Internship Placement, 617-542-4180 x130

Hyacinth Sankey - Training Assistant

Paul Piket - Training Assistant

Elizabeth Tinsley - Receptionist, 617.542.4180 x120

Gary Weisent - Administrative Assistant for ABLE Skills Training Programs, 617-542-4180 x143

Dave Bassett - ABLE SCSEP Director, 617-542-4180 x132

Dave joined Operation ABLE in March 2017 and is responsible for working with the four regional managers to deliver work experience and job search training services to mature workers from Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, Suffolk and Worcester counties in Massachusetts, as well as throughout New Hampshire.

Dave Bassett

Tarnya Jones-Jenkins - SCSEP Administrative Assistant / Outreach Specialist, 617-542-4180 x123

Angel Miranda - SCSEP Area Program Manager, 617-542-4180 x139


Charles (Keith) Benton - SCSEP Regional Manager - Suffolk County, phone: 617-542-4180 x138, fax: 617-542-4187

Ron Genzale - SCSEP Program Specialist, phone: 617-542-4180 x121, fax: 617-542-4187

Amalfi Ginnetty - SCSEP Program Assistant, 617-542-4180 x146

Angel Miranda - SCSEP Area Program Manager 617-542-4180 x139

Pauline Nanton - SCSEP Program Assistant 617-542-4180 x153


Karen Sowsy - SCSEP Regional Manager - Norfolk, Metro West & Worcester Counties, phone: 617-302-2731, fax: 617-542-4190

Karen earned a B.S.B.A. in Accounting from Boston University and worked in the mutual funds area for 17 years. After so many years in the world of finance, she wanted to change careers to make more of a direct impact in helping people.

Jill Fainberg - SCSEP Area Program Coordinator, phone: 508-626-7142, fax: 508-620-2472

In 2014, Jill started as the Employment Specialist for (Western) Middlesex County, based in Framingham, and became the Area Program Coordinator in 2017. Prior to this, she taught English as a Second Language to adults.

Benetta Kuffour - SCSEP Program Assistant, Worcester, 508-373-7685

Joslyn Portier - SCSEP Program Assistant, Quincy 617-999-5441

Donna Steinberg - SCSEP Admin/Payroll, Quincy, 617-302-2731


Allan Broome - SCSEP Regional Manager - Essex County, Lawrence, phone: 978-651-3050, fax: 678-651-3050

Victor Campana - SCSEP Program Assistant - Middlesex County

Kate Kozisky - SCSEP Program Assistant, Salem, 978-825-7253

Manuel Mena - SCSEP Program Assistant, Middlesex County, 617-661-7867 x256

Angel Miranda - SCSEP Area Program Manager, Cambridge, 617-661-7867 x256

Milagros Perez-Urena - SCSEP Program Assistant, Satellite SCSEP Office at ValleyWorks, Lawrence, MA, 978-722-7028


Kristin Gorrie - SCSEP Regional Manager - New Hampshire, 603-206-4407

In 2018 Kristin was promoted to Region Manager from Program Manager, a post she held since 2009 covering New Hampshire’s Southern and Seacoast regions and joined Operation ABLE in February 2017.

Charlie Birchmeier - SCSEP Area Program Manager - Hillsborough and Strafford counties, NH, 603-206-4405

Charlie Birchmeier is the SCSEP Area Program Manager, covering Hillsborough and Strafford counties in New Hampshire. He has almost 17 years of experience in the non-profit sector, including his most recent position as Senior Manager of Employment Services with The Moore Center. During that time he focused on employment, acting as a subject matter expert for the Association of People Supporting Employment (APSE).

Kathryn Brown - SCSEP Area Program Coordinator - Cheshire, Sullivan and parts of Hillsborough and Grafton Counties, NH, 603-860-0841

Kathryn Brown is an Area Program Coordinator for Operation ABLE in Cheshire, Sullivan and parts of Hillsborough and Grafton Counties in New Hampshire.

Louise DeBlois - SCSEP Area Program Coordinator, Carroll, Coos & Grafton Counties, NH, 603-752-2600

Louise is a Berlin, NH native and has taken ‘reinventing one’s self’ to a whole new level. Her career has spanned across various industries and geographies as a restaurant owner; independent insurance Agent/Broker; Adjuster and more. Though, being a mother, grandmother and great grandmother makes her prouder than any career success ever could.

Jeanie Harden - SCSEP Program Assistant

Eldena Lard - SCSEP Office Assistant, Manchester, NH, 603-206-4423

Doria Levesque - SCSEP Program Assistant, NH, 603-752-2600