Testimonials from Students, Employer Clients and ABLE Staff


Nancy B., Operation ABLE Student
'Donnelly Grant'* Medical Office Training Program

Graduate of inaugural Donnelly Medical Office Administrative Training Program

* Operation ABLE is the proud recipient of a new grant, the Workforce Competitive Training Fund (WCTF). Operation ABLE will be training in the Health Care and Social Service Category. This accelerated 8 week program is funded by a grant awarded by the State's Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund, in memory of the late Senator Kenneth Donnelly.

Christine D., Operation ABLE Student
'Skills2Work' Training Program

Intermediate & Advanced Microsoft Office skills training - in a classroom environment.


Irene G., Operation ABLE Student
Medical Office Training Program

This training program prepares participants for jobs in medical office registration/administration, such as Patient Service Coordinator, Patient Access Representative, and Medical Office Administrator.

I learned that Operation ABLE provides training and assistance to people who are fifty-five and older so they can return to the work force. I’ve since discovered they not only provide this; they also give you back your sense of worth, confidence, pride in yourself, motivation to return to the workforce, and support for community values.

I’m a sixty-four-year-old woman with an associate degree in the medical field. I’ve been looking for employment for five years without success. Not being able to get hired, I had lost self-confidence and hope.

I enrolled in Operation ABLE’s Medical Office Training program several weeks ago. My fellow classmates and I have since learned 2016 Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint, as well as Medical Terminology and Electronic Health Records. This makes us so much more marketable for employment!

Participating in this program makes me feel that I want to set out and try again to be employed, instead of giving up. I love coming to class. The teachers make you want to learn, and then learn more. We have classes Monday through Thursday, but, due to the Coronavirus, we have been training at home, through conference calls Operation ABLE has been hosting for us. This is so we will continue to learn and train without losing time.

When we were in the office, Operation ABLE hosted meetings with Human Resources representatives from several different companies to come in and inform us of job opportunities, and advice on how to apply. This gives us hope!

Without the help of Operation ABLE’s Medical Office Training program, I’m convinced my job prospects would be dim. Participating in the program has helped me regain my confidence and makes me feel that I want to set out and try again to be employed.


Chad Cotter | Director, Talent Acquisition
Boston Medical Center

"Operation ABLE’s greatest strength is its steadfast commitment to those who are seeking training and employment through any economic environment. By placing the job seeker first and foremost, Operation ABLE is, and will always be, a resource to those individuals in need of a career assistance as a purpose for its existence as an organization. Operation ABLE is built to help those in challenging circumstances, and takes those challenges as part of its own mission. " - Chad Cotter

Beth Cabrera, Senior Managing Director
KNF&T Staffing Resources

Operation Able has been a true partner and resource for KNF&T. The work they do with their students to prepare them to re-enter the workforce, and to network for them is truly a necessity. KNF&T in particular has been the beneficiary of many smart, dedicated and professional employees, and we are thrilled to hear that Operation Able has been able to continue this work through the current health crisis.

Their dedication to their students and to providing a truly essential service during an unprecedented time is just one more example of how important this organization is to the community. I am grateful for the work they do and for the people they have introduced KNF&T to through their work. - Beth Cabrera

Jane Leung, Executive Director
Boston Asian Yes (Youth Essential Services)

The staff at Boston Asian YES just completed the Microsoft Word, Levels 1, 2 & 3 training and it was awesome!

Our brains are exhausted, but so much more brilliant thanks to Paul Piket. He is amazing. We cannot thank him enough.

Staff feel so much more competent using Word, and they said they can also teach our teens…. thanks to Paul...we are now “Word “smart.

I also want to thank Bill Nadler for all his advice and guidance. He and Paul were able to customize the training, so we not only learned the essentials, but also the specific skills we needed to help our youth with their school work and leadership projects at YES.

We so appreciate Operation ABLE and look forward to future opportunities.


Stephanie Legatos, Resume Writer and Job Search Coach
Boston, MA

One of my clients worked in a small community-based hospital for more than 15 years, most recently as an authorization document specialist. She’s now working for a nonprofit organization but would like to leverage her experience to find a new position in the healthcare sector. She came to Operation ABLE for assistance with her job search, as well as with the assets needed to present her credentials in the best possible light.

Given that all need to work remotely during this health care crisis, I was able to help her with resume writing, cover letter writing, and interview coaching by phone. She has a good resume — and we strengthened it by adding key words from a job posting she wanted to apply to. While doing the research related to that effort, she found that the healthcare organization she was interested in was holding a virtual job fair. With her new resume in hand, she just shared with me that within one week she had been contacted for a phone screening interview.

Paul Piket, Operation ABLE Program Instructor
Boston, MA

Teaching remotely is a new experience for me. As part of yesterday’s class. I had a PowerPoint presentation about HIPAA, an important subject in a Medical Office Training class. I had recently learned from one of my colleagues that PowerPoint has a Present Online feature (sometimes called Broadcasting). I set it up in PowerPoint – and emailed the link to all of my students. By clicking on the link, they were able to open a web browser and see the presentation. By telephone conferencing I was able to narrate the lesson as I ran the PowerPoint, just as if I were in the classroom. The lecture went well, and feedback was very positive!

Mark Gyurina, Chief Program Officer, Operation ABLE
Boston, MA

The entire Operation ABLE staff has been working tirelessly since we announced our office closure on March 16th. Our program Instructors have been communicating regularly with their students, both to share plans for continuing with classroom training as well as assist with any constraints. The Program Instructors have also worked closely with our IT and Marketing teams through the last two weekends, researching and evaluating several different remote conferencing platforms. They’ve been conducting mock webinars and classrooms sessions, both for testing functionality as well as to familiarize themselves with the tools. I’m so impressed with the effort the entire Operation ABLE team has put forth during this shutdown, but it’s their willingness to rally on behalf of their students that what will stand out the most. Despite the terrible hardship that’s been inflicted upon us all with this pandemic, I believe the Operation ABLE Team will emerge in a stronger position to assist what is certain to be a record number of job seekers once this passes.