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Building Your Workforce Talent From Within... One Microsoft Office Program at a Time

We know that employers are interested in ensuring that their employees, especially those responsible for administrative support, are skilled in Microsoft Office applications. We also realize that when an employer has the ability to pick the course and respective skill level to focus on, it facilitates a more successful tailored training-solution that best meets the needs of their workers.  WE GET IT!

Introducing UpSkill Workforce Training. Tailored Microsoft Office Courses for Employees.


The most widely used application for creating a computer-based presentation or slide show.


  1. Learn core presentation skills
  2. Acquire enhanced visual & flow skills
  3. Evolve from basic, to a brilliant presentation skill set


All-inclusive word processing program for Windows and Mac. Word contains fundamental desktop publishing capabilities.


  1. Ribbon review, formatting, page layouts & copy review tools
  2. Tables, tabs and increased efficiencies
  3. Mail merge, graphics, templates & forms


Full-featured spreadsheet for Windows & Mac. Link spreadsheets for consolidation, provide business graphics & charts for presentations.


  1. Enter data, automate & organize
  2. Formulas, functions & visualization
  3. Manage data & analyze


Info Management tool. Analyze large amounts of information; manage related data more efficiently. Versatile with relational databases, forms, and workflows.


  1. Database introduction, management & table creation
  2. Working with tables, queries & reports

This is an instructor led solution conducted at an employer's facility or ABLE's Resource Room. Operation ABLE provides 'by the hour' training regardless of class size*. Most training organizations charge by the student which can be expensive.  Our UpSkill Workforce Training fee is $175/hour for a class of up to 12* participants. This is a huge cost savings over many in the industry who charge $250- $300 per student. So UpSkill your workforce today with ABLE!

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