Welcome to Operation A.B.L.E.

Since 1982, Operation A.B.L.E., Inc., a 501(c)3 organization, has provided job seekers with training programs and employment services.  Our mission and passion is to empower our community of job seekers, the underemployed, those in career transition and military veterans who need job support services to re-enter the workforce.

We offer a variety of services including occupational and computer skills training, job search training and support, coaching and counseling, midternships, and apprenticeships.  In addition, our Resource Room is available to help with current job listings. Join our professional networking groups and job clubs and expand your network!

Mission Statement

The mission of Operation A.B.L.E. is to provide employment and training opportunities to job seekers 45 and older from economically, racially and occupationally diverse backgrounds. A.B.L.E. is equally committed to serving Massachusetts and other New England employers by providing well-qualified candidates to meet their employment needs and by training employees to have the updated skills needed to be as productive as possible at their jobs.

History of Operation A.B.L.E.

In 1982, Ezra Merrill, who had recently retired as president of H.P. Hood & Company, founded Careers for Later Years, a non-profit dedicated to recruiting retired executives to help other non-profits better manage their operations. Eventually, Careers for Later Years was renamed Operation A.B.L.E. and the program for retired executives became the Executive Service Corps, which still exists today.

Ezra Merrill