ABLE Beginnings

Basic Computer Skills Training, including Microsoft Word

Next Class Starts 8/05/24

7 Week Program

7-Week Program

Held Monday – Friday

from 9 AM-3 PM

NEXT CLASS 8/05/24

What You'll Learn

What You'll Learn

Computer Basics, Windows and File Management. as well as KEYBOARDING, Mouse and Touch Pad, Internet, Email/Gmail, and Remote Learning Skills via Zoom.

Other Skills Taught

Other Skills Taught

Intro to MICROSOFT WORD, Online Resume Creation from the perspective of a recruiter's Applicant Tracking System, (ATS), practices.

These skills enable ABLE Beginnings participants to take charge of their job search, increase employability, and help establish financial independence for themselves and their families. 


Most SNAP participants and SCSEP Participants are eligible. MOST SNAP Recipients & SCSEP Participants Are ELIGIBLE

MOST SNAP recipients are eligible to participate in TRAINING and JOB READINESS programs, FREE of CHARGE! Eligibility questions? Click here to meet Operation ABLE's SNAP Outreach Team.

MOST SCSEP, Senior Community Employment Service Program participants are eligible. Click here to learn more.

Questions about ABLE Beginnings?

Contact Patty Ball, ABLE BEGINNINGS Program Manager by email at [email protected]. To learn more about Operation ABLE's other programs, please visit Click here.