Two State Grants are Available to Fund Software Skills Training and more for Your Workforce

Two State Grants are Available to Fund Software Skills Training and more for Your Workforce

— at Little or No-Cost to your Organization.

Software Training and More Now Available for Small Business Direct Access Program (SBDAP) Grant and General Grant Recipients


Workforce training is essential as organizations increasingly see a need to invest in their employees, especially as business and organizational activity accelerate post-pandemic.

Both SBDAP Grant and General Grant recipients can utilize grant funding to train employees with no substantial out of pocket costs.  More importantly, once an organization receives one of these training grants, the procurement and administration regarding the use of the grant funds are both simple and user friendly.

Small Business Direct Access Program – Computer Skills Training free of charge to eligible businesses!

The Small Business Direct Access Program addresses smaller-scale training needs by making training slots available in the most in-demand business computer program(s), free of charge, to eligible businesses. Businesses with 100 or fewer Massachusetts employees contributing to the Workforce Training Fund can access free training for their workers through SBDAP.

Recently there has been an important change from the Workforce Training Fund: Elimination of the $15,000 cap means eligible businesses have unlimited access to available SBDAP training through 6/30/21.*

*(Source: Workforce Training Fund)

For more detailed requirements about the SBDAP grant application, benefits, and other facets of the grant, please refer to these links:, or

Don’t qualify for a Small Business Grant? – A General Grant may be an option!

General Grants are available for those organizations who do not qualify for a Small Business Grant or who may require something broader. A General Grant also provides training with(?) no substantial out-of pocket funds, while allowing organizations of all sizes access to workforce training grant funding. Training programs can also be developed that are more customized to your organization. Highlights include applying for grants up to $250,000 for various skills areas, including ESOL, Project Management, Machine Set-Up & Operation, Sales, Adult Basic Education, Lean/Continuous Process Improvement, Software & IT Skills, and much more.

Among some of the critical requirements of General Grant eligibility are that only organizations contributing to the Workforce Training Fund can participate in WTFP grant programs. Also, non-profits that select the contributory method to finance Unemployment Insurance are eligible. Non-profits that select the reimbursable method are paying a discounted rate that does not include a contribution to the WTFP and therefore are not eligible. No federal, state, or local government entities contribute and are therefore not eligible to participate in any grant-funded training. WTF grantees must provide a certified copy of a “Certificate of Good Standing” from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue less than six months old before being considered for grant awards. Applicants must also be in full compliance with all obligations to the Department of Unemployment Assistance, Department of Industrial Accidents, and any other obligations to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. For more information, please click here.

If you would like to learn more about how SBDAP, General Grants and how we can assist you with an upskill software training program for your organization, please contact Steve Zukowski, Operation ABLE’s Outreach Coordinator, [email protected] or 617.501.2151.

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