“Together We Move Forward” Virtual “Breakfast” with Secretary Rosalin Acosta

Annual Breakfast 2021 with Secretary Acosta

Operation ABLE’s held its annual fundraiser on June 9th to support our community of job seekers, the underemployed, those in career transition, and military veterans who are committed and eager to work.

The theme of this year’s event was “Together We Move Forward,” to acknowledge and celebrate our students, our impactful employer and service provider partners, and Operation ABLE’s compassionate and expert staff. We also want to acknowledge and thank our nonprofit and government partners for helping to make our success possible. In addition, the event enabled us to spotlight our full complement of computer skills training programs and the ‘life-changing” impact on students that have successfully graduated from our programs. Just as importantly, this event enables us to thank and recognize our very generous sponsors and donors who make our job training and student success possible.

This year we were joined by special guest Secretary Rosalin Acosta, Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In her role, she oversees the workforce development and labor departments that help ensure that workers, employers, and the unemployed have access to the tools and training needed to succeed in the post-pandemic Massachusetts economy. Her secretariat includes MassHire, which is led by Director Alice Sweeney. MassHire is a respected partner of Operation ABLE’s in delivering helpful support services to both employers and job seekers. Our Breakfast also provided an opportunity to recognize another vital partner, Secretary Elizabeth Chen, who leads the Department of Elder Affairs. And we also extended a thankful salute to Christine Abrams, President and CEO of the Commonwealth Corporation, for their close and effective partnership with Operation ABLE, our job seekers and employers.

In her remarks, Secretary Acosta observed that the pandemic has exposed layers of issues in income inequality and many instances of racial and income disparities. The Secretary went on to note that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has been the first in many great public programs, and that we have a responsibility to aspire to do the same for those who have been impacted by the health and economic challenges we’ve all faced over the last year.

I want to make sure we are the shining example to this country on how we can close this gap… [but] it takes a Village. Government can’t do this alone, you can’t do it alone, we all need to do this together… So, from our Mass Hire System and the Governor, we are so happy to have you [Operation ABLE] on this journey.’  – Secretary Rosalin Acosta

In addition to Secretary Acosta. Lydia Greene, OA’s Board Chair, and Marian Walsh, OA’s President and CEO, offered welcoming comments and thanks to our corporate sponsors, as well as to Operation ABLE’s dedicated staff and job-ready students. Closing remarks were offered by Mike Festa, OA Board Member and AARP Massachusetts State Director, thanking Operation ABLE’s Board members for their commitment to the organization and its mission during such a challenging year.

In her post-event remarks, Marian summed up the importance of our Annual Breakfast appeal for support in this way:

‘Operation ABLE is part of the overall solution in helping job seekers improve their computer skills, draft resumes, prepare for job interviews, write cover letters, and become acquainted with the crucial job-related strategies that are so critical to enabling them to get back on their feet.’

More importantly than the technical skills we grow impart, however, is the sense of empowerment we instill in our participants. With your support, we seek to reach everyone who needs our services and support. As we know, a job changes everything.’

To see highlights of this year’s Annual Breakfast, click here.

Introducing, ABLE’s Older Worker Remote Employment Program

Remote Worker Skills Training

Learn the skills and tips necessary to become a remote employee!

What is Remote Work?

Remote work describes an environment in which employees can work from home or any other location outside their company’s physical office. Previously, working remotely in this way would have been challenging — mainly because of technology and resource constraints. Now, collaboration tools like ZOOM have helped bridge that technology gap, enabling more people to work remotely and collaborate on the go.

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Medical Office Skills Training Program

Medical Office Skills Training

Operation ABLE’s Medical Office Training Program – a great start for jobseekers seeking a healthcare-related career path.

Now is an exciting time for motivated job seekers to consider a career in the healthcare field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, five out of the 20 fastest-growing industries for the next decade are in the healthcare and social assistance sector, the fastest-growing major sector in the economy. With continued updates being made to healthcare policy in the U.S., the variety and volume of jobs and services will continue to grow in hospitals, hospital networks, nursing homes, home health agencies, small health clinics, and health-related nonprofits. Within those organizations, entry-level jobs in health administration include positions in human resources, finance and operations, admissions departments, and more. Most positions will require a solid foundation in computer skills, as well as good communication and interpersonal skills. Additionally, a range of flexible work arrangements is available in health administration jobs, such as part-time, full-time, alternative schedule, and remote positions.

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Two State Grants are Available to Fund Software Skills Training and more for Your Workforce

Two State Grants are Available to Fund Software Skills Training and more for Your Workforce

— at Little or No-Cost to your Organization.

Software Training and More Now Available for Small Business Direct Access Program (SBDAP) Grant and General Grant Recipients


Workforce training is essential as organizations increasingly see a need to invest in their employees, especially as business and organizational activity accelerate post-pandemic.

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Skills2Work, Refreshing the Digital Skills job seekers need to win in today’s job market

Refreshing the Digital Skills job seekers need to win in today’s job market


A December 2020 article published in AXIOS entitled “How to develop new skills for a post-pandemic America” states that the digitized workforce has arrived much earlier than experts previously thought. Many of us who have been working remotely during the pandemic would agree. To remain productive, we have all become much more reliant on local internet access, smart phones, video conferencing, and an array of apps and computer programs.

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ABLE Beginnings

ABLE Beginnings Skills Training Program from the start

From the Start


When the ABLE Beginnings program was conceived in 2011 it was to provide basic computer skills training to veterans or older employees who had either been downsized or retired after 30 + years of employment. To their credit, many of them realized that to re-enter the job force they needed to update their proficiency and use of basic Microsoft tools such as MS Word and Excel.

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Greetings from Operation ABLE’s CEO

Greetings from Operation ABLE's CEO... From the desk of Marian Walsh, President & CEO

From the desk of Marian Walsh, President & CEO


Welcome to the Inaugural issue of Operation ABLE’s new newsletter.  I hope this communication finds you and all your loved ones in good health.

I wanted to communicate to all of our supporters that Operation ABLE has remained open, responsive, and is hard at work!  At the very beginning of the pandemic, our team transformed itself — virtually overnight — to ensure employment services for our distance and remote job seekers were uninterrupted.  They’ve provided online training, 1:1 follow-up sessions, and any wrap-around services needed to help participants stay on track.

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